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Artist, Production/Multidisciplinary Designer, Letterform Critic, Filmmaker, Explorer

Vlad Rudakov is currently based in Toronto.
Enjoys reading picture books and turning ideas into
something concrete, or maybe wood, or even metal.
He also knows how silly writing in third-person can be.

Brand Idea Direction, Sound Design, UX, UI, Concept Branding, Graphic Design, Artwork Commissions, Graphic Design, Graphic Design...and Graphic Design

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To stand firm in a cloud of smoke is difficult.15.09.23

Stale things loose their meaning. 15.09.14

Help to be helped. 15.09.14

Clean, distill, repeat. 15.09.14

Present your present self. 15.09.14

Good positioning cushions impact. 15.09.14

People are full of entertainment. 15.09.14

Let's design a together again. 15.09.11

Life moves multi-directional. 15.09.09

New rule– no shooting people. 15.09.09

Belief is nothing, action is needed. 15.09.06

Even timing has its time. 15.09.02

Facinate your facility. 15.09.02

Sharing harvests connections. 15.09.02

Believe in your own change. 15.09.02

Thirst to learn, never die. 15.09.02

Design is in the complex relationships between element arrangments. 15.09.02

Never stop dancing. 15.08.07

Every problem has a solution– work together and you will find more than one. 14.05.28

Everyone is a designer, whether you like it or not– The simple act of knowing and doing is design. 14.09.01

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